Tula is a 5 year old American Bull Dog. Who went into surgery today to have a fast growing and aggressive tumor removed. Tula has a history of tumors and bad allergies. Her guardian was particularly worried about her most recent tumor because it just grew so quickly. This was a pre-operative session to build up Tula's immune system before going into surgery so that she will recover more quickly and not require as much medicine through the process. But in this session we also wanted to figure out if there's an energetic reason these tumors are appearing always in the same place. And I *Think* I found the answer! Tula had a culprit along her spine that was causing an energetic 'trafffic jam' and thus creating issues in her back leg. This might also be the reason for her allergies. We're cleared the culprit and got the energetic traffic flowing once more! Tula's guardian messaged me to say that Tula was very happy when she drove her to the vet this morning that it helped her from being a nervous wreck and she could instead be calm and confident that everything was going to be ok. smile emoticon...that makes my heart happy.

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