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Are Essential Oils safe to use around animals?

Here's 3 reasons we believe you should use them FOr both YOU and your fur babies

and this is where you will find all the other information you'll need to get started

3 Reasons to use Essential Oils at home with your babes.

Essential oils are a huge part of my practice of bringing health and wellness to my furry animal clients. And I have personally benefited from them tremendously. I believe there are 3 Reasons™ to use essential oils.

1. Bring emotional and physical support to your furry, feathered, skinned or scaled babies.

2. Bring emotional and physical support to YOU. And many times (ok all the time), the way we feel impacts the way our family/furamily members feel.

3. Replace TOXIC cleaning chemicals in your home and cut down on the wast by switching over to plants, herbs, and trees! YES! WIN! WIN! WIN!

    What are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils come from certain plants and have been used by people for thousands of years. They’re basically concentrated herbs but not all plants provide essential oils. A good example is a lemon peel that secretes lemon essential oils when it is squeezed or scraped. The difference is that one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil has the oil from 75 lemons. From a scientific perspective, lemon essential oil is very high in limonene, much more so than lemon juice. The high limonene content found in this essential oil makes it a powerful antioxidant and a cleansing agent.

    Essential oils contain all the goodness that protects and maintains the plant, and we can use these essences to support our own health and wellness. There are many different kinds of oils out there, and they all have different properties and uses. From well-known plants like Bergamot and Eucalyptus to unusual and exotic ones like rose and frankincense, there’s an unfathomably huge range to choose from – and they each provide all sorts of different benefits and uses.

    The Benefits of Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been around for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. There is well-documented research supporting their use for physical and emotional health.

    Essential oils can be used to:

    • Enhance your physical wellness – From cleansing and weight management to supporting every system of the body, essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements can provide the targeted solutions you need to restore balance and feel your best.
    • Inspire a positive emotional state – Each essential oil’s complex, pleasant, and unique scent activates the limbic system—the brain’s center of emotion and memory—differently. Essential oils can be your key to a more fulfilling and balanced emotional life.
    • Purify your home – Harsh chemical formulas aren’t your only home cleansing option. Enjoy peace of mind without compromise when you clean your home with the gentle but effective power of essential oils and products. There is a lot of data to prove that toxic chemicals are causing your fur babies to get cancer and other scary diseases. Honestly, it's just not worth the risk!
    • Refine your skin – Purge chemicals from your beauty routine and rediscover your natural glow. An ancient skin care secret, essential oils can help promote a clear-looking complexion, soften the appearance of signs of aging, and nurture healthy-looking hair.
    • Create deep spiritual awareness – Incense and essential oils from plants have always played an important part in religious and spiritual ceremonies, helping participants to transcend the trivial and connect with something larger than themselves. However, there is no proof that incense can damage your DNA! WHAT?! No thanks! Also, most candle wicks are made with lead. I don't need to reach spiritual awareness and damage my health (or the health of my fur babies!). I can diffuse oils to get me to that same place AND build up my immune system while they're at it. 

    How to Use Essential Oils

    These health-promoting botanicals can be diffused, inhaled from your hands, applied topically, incorporated into massage or even ingested. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.

    1) Inhalation Humans have 10 million neuron receptors associate with smell that send triggers through the body activating your nervous system, cats have 80 million and dogs have 400 million! WOW! Just by placing a drop in your hands and smelling the oil, you will receive the benefits it offers. A favorite is to diffuse. Diffusers let you reap the benefits of aromatherapy in any room of your home or office. Diffusers utilize ultrasonic technology to break up the mixture of essential oils and water into extremely fine micro-particles and disperses the ingredients in essential oils into the air. It provides an excellent method of calming and moisturizing to build a healthy, natural, and pure living environment.
    2) Topically In my practice, I love to use oils with the animals I work with by placing a drop in my hands and running in through their fur from neck to tail (avoiding head and eyes). We can place oils on our body depending on where we feel we might need it the most.

    3) Internally While this is less common, Young Living essential oils is one of the only company's that can prove they're therapeutic and safe to ingest. In fact, many "100% essential oil" bottles purchased from natural health food stores and co-ops, list that the oils should NOT be ingested. And we agree, you should not ingest crappy stuff that is mostly 97% filler. If you are putting oils on your skin, btw, you are ingesting it. I don't play around with this. The question is are you helping to heal or are you harming? When it comes to our furry friends - you need to be safe. I mean, we should be safe with ourselves too but they are much smaller and much more prone to being poisoned. REST ASSURED Young Living is safe to ingest! So, if you put a drop in your hands, and your dog or cat eagerly licks the oils from your hands or their own fur, it's GOOD FOR THEM!

    Can you just use any essential oils?

    In my opinion, no. I’ve done a lot of research into this and there’s one particular brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Young Living.

    WHY Young Living Essential Oils?

    There are many reasons why this brand is so great, but here are our three favorites:

    1: The source matters

    One of the most important things we’ve learned in our journey to healthy living is that it’s not just what something is it’s where it comes from, how it’s grown, and how it’s processed. Whether it’s blueberries fresh from the farm, coffee in your morning cup, or a soft organic t-shirt, we know that the source matters.

    I did many hours of research to find an essential oil company that I felt I could trust using with animals in my practice. Young Living is that company: they truly care about quality. And I feel SAFE knowing that I'm bringing healing and NOT HARM. There are quite a few articles online about animals being poisoned from humans using essential oils either on them or around them but none of those articles mention Young Living and there's a reason why - they're 100% PURE, therapeutic grade essential oil. To ensure the purity of their oils, Young Living sets the bar high. They actually own their own farms and distilleries around the globe and follow a stringent process: Seed to Seal – the HIGHEST standards for planting, harvesting, and distilling on the farms they own and co-op! NO OTHER EO company owns their own farms and know where the plant has been from start to finish.

    2: You become part of a big, friendly community

    As a Young Living member, you automatically become a member of a big oily family that will give you all the support and advice you need! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have the help and reassurance of a generous and caring community of animal practitioners, veterinarians, animal rescues, moms, massage therapists, experts, and lifelong users. I have been using oils for a long time, but it is great to hear testimonials from other members in our private facebook group.

    3: The Young Living Premium Starter Kit ($350 worth of product for $160 to get you started!)

    No other essential oils company offers such a great-value and comprehensive range of products to get you started. The Young Living Premium Starter Kit contains your everyday staples – all the oils and equipment you want to have on hand for a variety of situations. There’s an excellent user guide, too, which will help you understand how to use everything contained in the kit.

    Here’s what else is great: once you buy the Premium Starter Kit, you automatically become a “wholesale member” of Young Living. This means you can continue to buy other Young Living products for a huge 24% discount off the retail price! You’re under zero obligation to buy any other products as a wholesale member, but if you do, you get 24% off!

    Ready to buy your Young Living Premium Starter Kit?

    How to get started

    You can purchase Young Living essential oils in one of two ways:

    1. As a retail customer & pay full price
    2. As a Wholesale Member (best option – you save 24% on every order !!!)

    I recommend becoming a Wholesale Member. Not only will you receive a 24% discount off retail price on every Young Living product, you also have your choice of starter kits. This makes it easy for you to get started using essential oils. ( As a Young Living Wholesale Member you only have to agree to order a minimum of $50 per year, which is so easy to do because you will find the products invaluable! That’s all!)

    The best value, by far, is the Premium Starter Kit. Its retail value is $350, but as a new Wholesale Member, you get a huge discount and the price is just $160. Whut?!

    Your Premium Starter Kit Includes:

    When you order your own premium starter kit, you are entitled to wholesale pricing on all Young Living products, this is a 24% discount. Share this with your friends and family by ordering for them, or have them enroll to get their own kit and discount. The Premium Starter Kit is valued at over $350. The Premium Starter Kit includes:

    • Ten 5 mL bottles of essential oils including: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway, Raven, Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Copaiba, Digize
    • 5 mL bottle of Stress Away (This is a serious lifesaver)
    • Aroma Glide roller fitment (to turn any oil into a roll on... most like to put it on the Stress Away blend)
    • A home diffuser
    • Two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples (this is a great supplement for energy)
    • One sample of Thieves Household Cleaner

    Get to know the oils in your premium starter kit

    Each of the oils in your Premium Starter Pack has SO many fabulous uses that I can't name openly online because of FDA compliancy... so have to stay a bit vague here because lordy knows big pharma would love to send women to jail for using plants to heal themselves instead of what they're offering, but here are some of the ways in which we like to use them:


    Carry a bottle of this on my keychain! Not only does it freshen your breath is settles your tummy after you've shoved a bunch of bread or spicy food or whatever is your weakness, into your mouth.

    • Supports gastrointestinal system comfort
    • Promotes healthy bowel function
    • Maintains efficiency of digestive tract
    • Supports normal digestion
    • May support performance during exercise 


    I add a drop to my water on a fairly regular basis because it tastes amazing and it keeps your body and bottles clean! ...don't use in a plastic bottle, it will eat the hell out of it.

    • Includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene (google it!)
    • Love to add a drop to water to support overall health
    • Great for skin
    • Supports nervous and sympathetic system


    This is a major go to oil in my practice when I'm working with big animals, old animals and sick animals and it's one of my absolute favorites. To really hear the power of Copaiba, listen to this wonderful podcast that breaks down just how delicious it is for your body [click here to listen]

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Helps promote relief from pain in the body
    • Includes the naturally occurring constituents eucalyptol (long list but here are a few antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects) limonene (a couple things I feel safe listing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), linalol (reduces stress), linalol acetate(Anti-inflammatory), and camphene (Antifungal)
    • When used with other oils, makes them more powerful


    Thieves oil is an essential oil blend based on a story from around the 15th century when the bubonic plague was running rampant through Europe and Asia. Four thieves from Europe, who were notoriously robbing the infectious dead bodies of all their possessions, miraculously never contracted the highly infectious plague... this is their recipe. Whoozah! But if the FDA asks, this is just a made up story ;)

    I drink 1-2 drops this oil daily and I think that's why I haven't gotten the cold or flu in years.

    • Immune support
    • Purifying
    • Tested for its cleansing abilities
    • Supports good health
    • Includes naturally occurring constituents limonene, eugenol, and eucalyptol.


    One night my 'non believing' brother had a horrible stomach ache. I had him put a drop on his finger and stick it to the inside of his cheek. Within a few minutes the pain was gone. The next morning he had me order him a bottle. Yeah, it's that mind blowing. This is an oil I never travel without-whether it's in my camping/hiking gear, my fancy trips/business trips suitcase, or my daily errands It. Is. With. Me.

    • Helps support a healthy digestion system
    • When traveling, use DiGize as a dietary supplement in your water (again a bit vague as to why but thinking about traveling places with less than clean water)
    • A favorite among those with Celiac or people with farty husbands and dogs ;)


    • Egyptians had 877 medical prescriptions using Frankincense and that should tell you just how freaking wonderful this oil is.
    • Immune Support
    • May help smooth the appearance of healthy looking skin
    • Includes the naturally occurring constituents Boswellic Acid and Alpha-Pinene.
      Want to know more Boswellic Acid [click here] about Alpha-Pinene[click here]
      If you google their name and "health benefits" you'll see a list of specific ailments which I am not allowed to list here. It's pretty amazing.


    Ever see cottonwood tree pollen blowing through the air like snow? Yeah... for days like that, this is my savior.

    • Provides comfort when applied to chest or throat (that's a bit vague but I'm sure you can figure out why you would want to apply it to your chest or throat).
    • Diffuse near bed to help open up your lungs... for whatever reason you might want to do that ;)

    Citrus Fresh

    This is one of my favorites to diffuse because it will give your home that "I just spring cleaned for 15 hours smell." ...and you can scam your house guests into believing you actually did a thorough cleaning before they headed over with just a click of the button.

    • Provides mental clarity
    • Diffuse to freshen air and eliminate odors
    • Energizing
    • Purifying
    • Supports immune system and overall health


    I love spritzing my face with lavender essential oil and rose water in the morning and then once again spritzing my hair and pillow before bed. It just sets the amazing tone for getting up and going to bed.

    • Relaxing, soothing scent creates a calming atmosphere, when diffused
    • Unwind before bed by adding a few drops to nighttime bath or diffuse in room near bed
    • Antiseptic/Antimicrobial so it's great to add to skin care products or use on its own. GREAT for skin irritations
    • Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss


    I sprained my ankle and this is what I used to get through it... it's the only thing that offered true support and helped with the swelling.

    • Apply topically after exercise
    • Helps with injuries (like legit!).
    • Has a stimulating aroma
    • Create a soothing bath by adding to epsom salts
    • Includes naturally occurring constituents methyl salicylate, gamma-curcumene, menthol, and eugenol ...look 'em up folks!

    Stress Away

    It's a favorite "perfume" among my female friends that are juggling about 50 plates all at once.

    • Stress Away essential oil is a unique blend of stress-relieving and relaxing essential oils that can help reduce tension. Name says it all - drown yourself in this before you drown others.
    • Share this with your furry babies when they're having meltdowns.

    Step-by-step: purchase your Premium Starter Kit

    1. Click over to the sign-up page.

    2. Select Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member

    3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you.

    4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info. (The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living will never share this info with anyone. You are never required to sell anything but people often start sharing and end up making money without realizing it). I gave my social 5 years ago and have had no problems with security from this stable and secure 25-year-old old company.

    5. Create your password which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils. One letter must be upper-case. Create your security pin which is 4 digits, no one can make changes to your account without this pin.

    6. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which starter kit you would like (and you know I think the Premium Kit is the way to go!). You must sign up with one of these kits to become a Wholesale Member. To maintain your 24% discount going forward, you only need to spend $50 each subsequent year with Young Living on any product in their store on products. Unlike a big box club or membership to an online shopping site where you receive no physical merchandise from the membership fee. That’s it! You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish.

    7. Set up your *optional* Essential Rewards Program. Now don’t be confused by this next step. Essential Rewards is not a requirement to sign up as a Wholesale Member! This is a rewards program you can opt into to start earning money back to help pay for your oils.

    Why signing up for Essential Rewards is a smart idea

    Another BIG advantage of Essential Rewards is that you get access to oils that others don't. So you can consider yourself a VIP. Some of my favorite oils are ONLY AVAILABLE TO ESSENTIAL REWARDS MEMBERS. Why? When oils start running low, they save them for the VIPS. Because YLO is a company that upholds a mission to be sustainable, oils can go out of stock when fields need time to regrow and replenish.

    Essential Rewards can be canceled at any time because there's no contract (just make sure you cash out on your earnings!). But if you want, you can skip this step by selecting “No, thank you. I plan on enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program later”. I signed up for essential rewards right away because not only do I work with animals but I knew I wanted to change out all the products in my home. And I'll tell you that I personally know people who said 'no' and then regretted it because they lost out on so many points they ended up signing up within a few weeks.

    8. Agree to the Terms & Conditions. Don’t worry you will not be sorry.

    9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again and it will make you enter in your payment information again. We wouldn’t want that to happen because then you would not get your oils!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I become an Young Living Wholesale Member vs Independent Distributor?
    Wholesale Members are also Independent Distributors. This just means in addition to the wholesale pricing (24% off retail price), you also have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils, but it is not required. If becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor is something you are considering, please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you get your essential oil business started! Order now [click here]!

    Is there a monthly order minimum?

    No. You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being a Wholesale Member. However, if you would like to earn commissions as an Independent Distributor then simply enroll in Essential Rewards, a monthly auto-ship program.

    I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member?

    Of course not. Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it. There is no requirement to have a business and most people use them just for personal use.

    What do I need to do to get started?

    To begin as a Wholesale Member you start with purchasing an enrollment kit. There are three options to choose from however, I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the diffuser. This is the same kit I purchased to get started on my essential oil journey.

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