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Communicating through grief

Yes your furamily members also get suffer symptoms of grief when someone dies.

Sara and I sat down to share a tiny bit of her story, of how her animals were affected when she lost her wife, Randy. I love that the thumbnail to our little chat is an image of us laughing - grief takes us down emotional roads. When we can hold each other, cry and laugh, you know you've found a true friend.

I met Sara in March this year just a short time after her wife had died. Sara, of course, was (and still is) grieving the loss of her partner of 28 years. But, when I met Sara, her furamily members (2 dogs and a bird) were also grieving. Sara jumped into Furamily Academy (my online course) so she could connect with them on a deeper level and help her whole family heal... and that's happening!

Sara shares how she's learned the power of positive (or as I like to saw PAWsitive) communication. Which is speaking in the positive NOT negative (e.g. "You're all safe, I'm staying here with you." vs "Don't be sad, I won't leave you." -You see, your animal companions are telepathic (they can read and speak in images) and negative communication creates an unclear message. By saying "I won't leave you" you are creating an image in your head of you leaving them! Ah! An issue virtually all humans suffer with! For some odd reason, we have learned to speak in negative! You know who else doesn't speak in negatives? Human children! There are books written about this explaining how the negative statement causes too much confusion in their brain.
So, a pleasant side effect to learning how to communicate with her dogs, and one that I don't think Sara was expecting, is that her bird, Harley, who she has had for 22 years -and has been biting her for 22 years- STOPPED BITING HER when she changed her language!

This family is healing together and it's been an honor to be a part of this journey with her. I had to share her story.

If you've lost someone and been suffering with grief, or you know someone who has, I'll be doing a facebook live event talking about it at 2 pm central on Wednesday August 30th. Tune in, comment, share your stories and let me know how I can assist you.

The Facebook Live event is free and you can access it and get a reminder for it by clicking HERE

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