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Consistency with your fur babies will set them up for success!

Last days of summer, human kids are going back to school (or are perhaps already there), and it's the time of year we start putting a bit more structure into our day. We do this, because it helps us. Guess what, it also helps our furamily members! Our fur babies THRIVE when we have structure in their daily schedule as well. When they know when you're waking, going to bed, feeding them and taking them out to go potty really sets them up for success. Most behavioral issues can be avoided when these rituals are there for them.

  • Do you have set times of day you lets your dogs out to go potty? 
  • Specific days of the week you clean the litter box?
  • Do you keep a consistent work schedule?
  • What days to you go for nice big walks?
  • Do you have cuddle hour?
  • Is there a time of day you massage their body for relaxation?
  • What day of the week do you inspect their body looking for lumps, bumps,  or anything that doesn't belong on them?  Flea checks?

The more consistent you are, the more compliant they will be! Have you ever tried to get a human kid to go to bed at a time they're not used to? It's a battle that you will probably not win. The same is true with our animal companions. If they know that Saturday mornings is when they get their teeth brushed, they'll start to work with you instead of against you. Additionally, these structures will help alert you to anything that might be wrong. For example, if your companion always let's you massage them on Monday evenings and all of a sudden, they don't want to be touched, they might be sick!

Have a great week!
Please share your rituals/schedules in the comments below as it might help inspire someone in their own furamily!

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