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Fear and anxiety


Puppy Mill Survivor

Libby is a little dog that was rescued from a puppy mill auction. It is often the case that when dogs are rescued from puppy mills they don't know how to play, how to communicate they need to go potty, they usually fear men and it takes love and patience to help them adjust to their new life of living outside of a cage where they aren't being used as breeding machines in an evil business. Hats off to people who adopt and take the time to make sure these little ones get the life they deserve - and that is to be safe and happy without fear of being raped and having their babies stolen. Libby started to play a little after her first session but she still has a way to go... which is expected. It's hard to make such huge change in a very short time. She's in a wonderful and loving home where she is fully supported.

Libby was so relaxed after her session!


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