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Fur Pulling

Occasional Anxiety

Iggy is a lovable man who is always happy and full of cuddle! Sometimes he gets a little stressed out with issues like "Who is going to pet me next?" when his anxiety raises he usually just goes to catnip... He lives in Washington and it's legal there. But, lately, he's been pulling a bit of his fur out. We think this might have something to do with a very large and intimidating dog in the house who looks -and acts- a bit like Smaug the dragon from The Hobbit. She's always got one eye open watching everything. We all know catnip tends to make us paranoid and with "Smaug" always watching, Iggy has been mindlessly pulling. His session focused on calming his nerves enough so that catnip is all that's needed going forward.

We decided that if Iggy had an online dating profile, it would read, "Pan, non-minog queerdo" ...because he's just that great.


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