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IRS tryin' to Steal my joy- Deal

Healing sessions for your fur babies for $35.00 ....that's $115 off my regular rate.

For the next four days, you can get a healing for your fur baby for $35!
That's $115 Off my regular rate of $150.

Here's where you can claim this purrrrrrfect deal.

I'm holding this special sale as an "IRS tryin' to Steal My Joy" DEAL, after hiring a shabby accountant, who really slammed things up between me and the IRS. As you know, 4th of July is right around the corner, so let's just consider this an Uncle Sam sale that will really benefit your fur babies, your own pocket book (who the heck wouldn't want a session with me for $35.00?!) and obviously, this really helps me out too.

...also, 4th of July is a pretty awful time for so many fur babies this will be a good way to get them some healing before the bombs go off the whole month of July and into august.

You can watch a lovely video, read about all the details and claim your spot here.

Save $115.00 And Get a PAWSOME healing for your fur baby.

Who would this benefit? Everyone... honestly, who WOULDN'T it benefit?
But here's a short list if you need it.

​*Fur babies afraid of fireworks
*Fur babies with arthritis​​
*Fur babies with cancer
*Fur babies who have suffered past abuse.
*Fur babies with auto-immune​
*Fur babies with kidney disease or liver failure
​*Fur babies who are just moving more slowly because of age​
*Fur babies who a bag of stress
​*Fur babies who aren't getting along with other fur babies
​*Fur babies with injury​
*Fur babies who love spa days
*Fur babies afraid of storms

* Extra love bump 1: Live Q&A

This is your opportunity to ask those burning questions you have pertaining to your fur babies that I will help you come up with solutions for.

* Extra Love bump 2: Guided Chakra Healing for YOU!

Before I get started with your fur babies, I will give you hand placements and breathing techniques to help you calm your own body and bring some added healing to your life that you'll be able to perform during our time together and after we've parted ways for the evening. Stress is a BIG DEAL and we know that your stress levels directly effects the health of your animals.


Go here right MEOW and claim your space before they're all gone!

Excited to do this with you and your furry babies,

Rachel, your favorite animal healer.

P.S. This super awesome sale ends at 12 am Friday morning (the 29th) . So if you’d like to get in on this "IRS Tryin' to Steal my Joy" DEAL for $35.00 go here and claim your spot now. Space is limited!

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