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Rescued from an animal testing lab

Ella, is three years old, and is very sweet. She has been so brave in adjusting to freedom. She was recently rescued out of a horrible 'science' lab where they were using her for 'research'. We don't have a lot of info on Ella but she slept for 3 days straight after being rescued.. just being exhausted and finally being safe. I'm not sure what sort of atrocities happened to Ella but thank goodness she is safe now. Ella's session focused on relieving and stress or trauma she has. She has a hard time being left alone so we focused on building up that self confidence.

Ella needs a home with another friendly, confident dog. She also needs a fenced in yard, someone who will welcome her in the bed at night for snuggles, and a person willing to learn about animals in research and testing and help educate people about the industry that took the first three years of her life and treated her like a disposable object.

Ella has been incredible about house training, which is amazing for a dog who was kept in a cage for three years. She's learning about toys and she loves walks - she just needs to learn that people passing by on the street aren't going to hurt her, she gets a little scared. This is why a confident dog is important. They will help be a role model for Ella and show her better than any human could that there are some great things in life. Like treats, and tummy rubs, and barking at the mail carrier. Stuff like that.

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