Add paragraph tISSUE: Going Potty on the carpet
DISTANCE: Seattle to Minnesota

I'm currently in Seattle but I was called from Minnesota about a cute little dog named Coco, who is 10 years old and has been going potty on the new carpet! Coco was rescued from a barn where she was being hugely neglected and was left to potty wherever she wanted. So she's always been a bit messy with her aim whilst using piddle pads. But now that the house has new carpet, she started using that instead of the piddle pads. Her guardian thought Coco might just be confused... but regardless, this had to stop! While I was clearing Coco's energy and opening her chakras, we had a long telepathic discussion about where it is and is not appropriate to go potty. I ended the session with knowing that Coco really understood that the only place that is appropriate to go potty while indoors is on a piddle pad. I also asked if she would be ore direct with her aim and not be so 'sloppy' so I asked her to go directly in the center of the pad. Later that evening, I received a message from her guardian that said Coco went potty on the pad! ...and of course was profusely praised.

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