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your mess

The Furamily Membership
helps you de-stress your mess!

Animals take on the stress of their human caretakers, which can lead to the animals’ illnesses. The Furamily Membership is where women and their furbabies in all stages of health can be proactive in getting the support, healing, and the community they need because a woman who heals herself, heals her furbabies.

Don't Wait until things are bad.

People say that good things come to those who wait but there is one area where that has never been true, and that's with health.

And the truth is that that longer we push off health and wellness, the harder it becomes to heal. Almost every disease starts out as invisible and can go completely undetected until your animals are showing signs of pain or the inability to walk, eat or go to the bathroom. And what sucks is that we don't usually find out that they're sick until the disease has progressed and there's not a whole lot that can be done. The best thing we can do for our animals is to start thinking about their health right from the start - right now wherever they are in their age because waiting has never saved any lives. Ever. 

They FEEl You

We all know stress is a major killer, but did you know that your stress directly affects the health of your furry and feathered animal companions? Studies prove that it creates cortisol in their bodies and cortisol can cause tumors. And the more stressed you get, the bigger the tumors will grow. YIKES! Watch my video from the WomanSpeak International Festival that explains this more deeply.

Your feelings are important

Once a month Rachel will create a safe, sacred, and protected space while she brings healing to your animals.

Simultaneously, Rachel will invite you to work on yourselves in a guided format that will also bring relaxation and healing to you which makes it easier for your fur babies to heal both emotionally and physically. Studies prove that if you're sad, stressed or just hatin' on life; it's going to directly affect your furry/feathered/skinned/scaled beloveds. Your emotional health is pretty dang important, so hop on board because we want to take care of you!

Rachel, I want you to know that I love the group healings!

Simone, Very Important PAWrent and FURamily Membership HELPer

The details

1st Monday
of every month.

We meet online


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