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💔😿 Analysis PAWralysis  🐶💔 

Dearest PAWrent,

We all go through these moments in our lives where we are too paralyzed with fear to make decisions. And if you prefer to listen to my message vs read them, click the play button just near the bunny's nose. Otherwise, read on....

In the very first Krav Maga martial arts class I took, I was the only woman present, and we were instructed to pair up and practice strangleholds. Oh. My. Goddess. I was on my back while my partner straddled me and had both of his hands tightly squeezing my neck. I didn't move but instead, lay there so paralyzed with fear while old traumas resurfaced.

Now, I'm not some faint timid little girl! In fact, I've been described as both a pirate and ninja but at that moment, I couldn't protect myself. My partner was screaming "Stop me! YOU NEED TO STOP ME!" But I couldn't... I just lay there trembling in fear. I could have walked out in tears never to return but instead, that very day, I signed up for 6 months of classes because not only was I shocked by my lack of action to save myself, I never wanted that to be my response again.

In Krav, I learned we have 3 seconds to respond with "fight" before our brain jumps into the party creating "what if" scenarios that will cause us to go into "freeze". And in these instances, this never serves our benefit.

Our brains L-O-V-E to create scenarios of what could go wrong making it impossible to move forward with a decision not just in self-defense but say... a health crisis with your beloved furry best friend.

This is good ol' analysis paralysis. That's sarcasm, by the way, and it's not good, it's horrible!

The guy I was training with in my first Krav class took pity and climbed off me but cancer doesn't work like that... cancer moves fast and will attack everything it touches and it doesn't care if you're triggered by trauma.

When your animals are sick, going down rabbit holes of indecision for days, weeks, and months does not serve either of you.

I can't tell you the number of times I've been consulting a potential client who has a very sick animal with cancer or a back injury and no time to spare creating a game plan. But instead of making a plan, they take weeks, or months to act making it so that it would require a miracle to help their furry best friend now that so much time has passed. I'm all for miracles, I've seen enough to know they exist and I love it when they happen but I'm far more fond of bringing smooth healing that requires a lot less time, money, heartache, and sleepless nights.

Another martial arts motto is "Always move forward"

You don't need to know the play-by-play of how things are going to turn out. But standing still will lead to punches and kicks and taking steps backward will most likely lead to falling down and I can promise you it's a lot harder to pick yourself up from the ground when you're being attacked.

This is exactly how it works in a health crisis as well.

That's why for the next few weeks only, in the Crowned Creatrix, we are working with your higher self, inner child, and spirit guides to quiet The "doom" Rabbit energy residing, within you that causes you to "freeze" in the very moments you need to move forward.

Because when you can quiet the fear brain, you can start activating the creative brain which focuses on movement, game plans, magic, and possibilities which is the very essence of a Creatrix.

The Crowned Creatrix on the emPAWer app is martial arts for magic and prepares you for the bad situations which sadly, are inevitable.

We work the mental muscle of getting your brain to STFU with all of the negative fear scenarios (that serve zero purposes!) so you can see the PAWsibilities with action, energy, and your own words and thoughts. And just like martial arts, this is a life of practice and learning. And the more you practice, the more ready you will be when the time comes...

I'm Rachel Augusta, host, creatrix, and lover of self-defense, and going into a fight so deeply rooted in my courage I let my gut make the decisions. I want the same for you.

Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

👉Download Free App (direct links below) through the app store to enjoy all the free classes and healings

👉 or upgrade for a small fee to be a Crowned Creatrix to join me where you'll learn how to energetically support your furry best friend's health with your hands, mind, and words and have access to all of the other paid content.

With love and emPAWerment ❤️

❤️. With Radiance and awakened magic ❤️





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