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Beautiful Transformation

"Fear of radical changes leads many citizens of our nation to betray their minds and hearts. Yet we are all subjected to radical changes every day. We face them by moving through fear." Bell Hooks

Most people tell us that change is hard, we're also told it's painful, and we're told it takes a lot of grit to do it. **If you prefer to listen to my message rather than read it, please click on the image above.

But what if this was just someone else's truth that we started to accept as our own? And what if change is only as hard as we want it to be?

A long time ago, when I was in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic, I confided in a friend and sought her advice. Her advice was simple and, at the time, impossible for me to understand. She said, "You'll do this (stay in the relationship) as long as you want to."

I was stunned by her simple but profound words. What was she saying?! I didn't want to be in this terrible relationship. I didn't want to be with someone who was draining the life out of me.

I stayed with the abusive alcoholic for another year, but It took me about 15 years to figure out what she meant.

I have since shared those simple and profound words with others when they feel stuck in a pattern they want to break or in a relationship with someone when they want to exit. And just like me, no single person who needed these words could grasp them. And I believe that's because, like me, they were not ready to admit that we are both creators and destroyers of our lives. But I'm confident that, just like me, they will come to realize that at some point.

Whether this is a breakup with a romantic partner, a friend, a career change, or developing new healthy routines, letting go of the old to start the new seems like an impossible and painful process.

It makes me think of Elizabeth Gilbert's quote from Eat, Pray, Love

"The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving."

We've all had these moments in our lives where we have felt this in our bones. So what does "You'll do this as long as you want to" mean?

Here are a few examples: Choosing to wear clothes that are too tight and painful on the body rather than finding clothes that fit. Wanting to travel but never going anywhere because you can't find anyone to go with you instead of booking a solo trip. Working yourself to death because you can't set boundaries with your boss. Constantly being sleep deprived but refusing to go to bed early enough to give your body the rest it needs.

But I think this video is the perfect example of what the meaning is:

This video went viral a few years back, and I remember seeing someone say, "This is me and my spirit guides/angels watching me navigate life."

We can all relate, which is why this is so funny. The boy has convinced himself he's trapped and has a genuine emotional response to it. But just like he has placed his leg behind the door, he can take it out. He will do this as long as he wants to. It is a choice.

By the way, if you're feeling called out, please don't! We are all navigating the same five problems in life, and relationships seem to be at the top for most.

But what if we've been told that change is hard because patriarchy doesn't want us to change? Patriarchy depends on all of us feeling small and incapable. Patriarchy has been feeding us these notions for thousands of years that it's not safe to be bigger! It's unsafe to change or rewild. It's unsafe to choose life over work. It's unsafe to leave terrible relationships or toxic friendships because being with an abusive person feels safer than being alone.

I think that's why when I read the book When Women Were Dragons, I swooned when author Kelly Barnhill described how the women shape-shifted from human into dragon form, not as painful but as euphoric and almost orgasmic process.

In one chapter, she describes a group of high school girls at prom who began to smell of clove and cinnamon as they danced together without restraint. Their skin began to glitter in gold, their lips became plump, their eyes became more prominent, and they used their talons to cut their tight dresses from their bodies. The beauty of it entranced some and angered others. But nothing would stop them from doing what their bodies yearned for - change.

It wasn't painful, it was beautiful, and It wasn't scary; it was exciting.

Are you ready to make a beautiful and exciting change in your life? To transform into something bigger, into something more you? For the next few weeks, the animal guide who will be assisting members of the Crowned Creatrix through this process is the Butterfly. As you know, they began as a caterpillar who had to perform a metamorphosis that included a death process to become the little dragon they are.

I believe that significant transformations don't have to be painful but can instead smell of clove and cinnamon. I believe that you can also glitter through the process of change that most would have you believe to be painful. I believe that if love fuels your passion for radical change, you won't waste another moment living a life that doesn't excite you or staying in toxic situations because you are too afraid of letting go.

This Shadow clearing with the Caterpillar and Butterfly is perfect for this time of year as the seasons are changing, the trees are also letting go of their leaves, and we're riding on the tails of the equinox.

Join the other members of the Crowned Creatrix and me if you would like to have your radical change fueled by love and not pain and fear. The Crowned Creatrix is an inclusive platform, and all are welcome regardless of how you identify. **The Butterfly shadow work will be uploaded to the EmPAWer app on Sunday the 25th and only remain there for a few short weeks so get it while. you can!

I'm Rachel Augusta- host, creatrix, shapeshifter, destroyer of old paradigms, creator of new beliefs, mover and shaker, and a student of life who believes that you will do something as long as you want to and when you're ready to admit you have the ability to both create and destroy, you'll make a change.


If something in this message resonated, I would love to hear from you! Please shoot me an email and tell me what landed and even if it didn't, I would love to hear from you so send me a hello and tell me how you and your furamily members are doing!


Everything on the Crowned Creatrix is guided and easy to follow. The Shadow Work and Activations are pre-recorded for your convenience and only 30 minutes or less, giving you time and the opportunity to do the work without being overwhelmed by it.

The Crowned Creatrix also gives you a community of lovely animal lovers who will hold space for you when you're going through something rough, offer advice pertaining to your animals when asked, and share pro-tips they've learned along the way. Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

Note* The EmPAWwer App is free and offers free classes, guided healings, and meditations for you and your animals. The Crowned Creatrix is a program within the EmPAWer app that teaches you the Martial Arts of Magickⓒ so that you can energetically dropkick and hammer punch anything that gets in the way of you and your beloved animal companions living your best lives! The Crowned Creatrix comes with a small monthly fee, and you can cancel anytime.


Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

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With love and emPAWerment ❤️

❤️ With Radiance and awakened magic ❤️

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