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😺 F#ck Around and Find Out! 🐶

Dolphins are loved worldwide because, despite all the harm we've done to them and their communities, they'll still go out of their way to save humans, and we love them because they're playful! (If you prefer to listen to my words than read then, please click the play button above)

In the last decade, shared videos of dolphins getting recreationally high on Pufferfish surfaced, making humans love them even more than they realized they could.

When scared, Pufferfish release a deadly toxic chemical. The dolphins learned that small doses of this fatal chemical act like a narcotic and will cause a delightful afternoon for the dolphins should they toss the Pufferfish around a tiny bit.

I believe humans went crazy for this because, at our core, playing with death for a few moments of a good time is something we all want to do, but most of us never will. And we love that the dolphins were like, "Duuuuuude, We toooooootally f#cked around and found out, and we liked it!"

But what if we did kinda start f#cking around to find out? Would we experience the same pleasure as our beloved dolphin friends? *IMPORTANT* I'm not telling you to play with Pufferfish (in fact, please don't!), and I'm not telling you to do anything harmful to yourself or others.

But what if you started doing things you've previously strayed away from out of fear? What if you started playing with things you were taught not to (*ahem* magic, energy, talking to trees, translating sacred messages from crickets)? Or, what if you took old beliefs and tossed them around a bit to see if they released new concepts? What if you decided to play games you've never learned? What if you created games that don't yet exist? What if you pretended you were someone else to access abilities you believe you don't have in your current body? What if you started breaking rules that don't serve you or your community?

By doing these things, it's possible to change your life, change your career, change your friends, change your habits, change your relationships, change your trajectory, change your health, change how you see the world, and smash the patriarchy.

This Full Moon on Saturday is a Pisces full moon. Two things about Pisces: they're a water sign and highly creative, so I did a little skip and giggled when the Spirit Guide this month in the Crowned Creatrix came through as The Dolphin. If I were to assign the dolphin to any zodiac, it's most definitely Pisces.

So this is what the playful rule-breaking Goddess Dolphin wants to bring to you in her Full Moon activation, "F#ck Around and Find out!" energy but thoroughly soaked in playfulness.

The Dolphin Goddess says, "Who said F#ck around and Find out has to be scary?!" This activation will get you playing with things you thought were off-limits or out of your reach.

I am very transparent that I learned a lot of healing protocols from Healing Touch for Animals® at the beginning of my journey of working with animals. I am forever grateful for the start those protocols gave me. Still, I am here to tell you that my most significant moments in helping animals, including the miraculous cure my BFF, Sugarpants, had last summer, came from F#ck Around and Find Out" energy that I now use over protocol.

👉 If you play with energy but limit yourself to what you've learned from human instructors, this is the activation for you.

👉 If you are bored with the same ol' energy protocols or magic spells, this is for you.

👉 This activation is for you if you've never used energy or magic because you don't know where to start.

👉 If you're a sorceress who's like, "been there done that," then get activated to new stuff!

👉 And if none of these things resonate but you feel called, this is for you.

⚡ FAAFO = Creativity

⚡ FAAFO = Stepping out of your comfort zone

⚡ FAAFO = Keeping things fresh.

⚡ FAAFO = Rule Breaking


If you want to take your skills, life, and happiness to the next level, join me in the Crowned Ctreatrix on the EmPAWer App to FAAFO.

I'm Rachel Augusta- host, creatrix, shapeshifter, destroyer of old paradigms, creator of new beliefs, mover and shaker, and a student of life who loves to fuck around and find out. I want the same for you.


Everything on the Crowned Creatrix is guided and easy to follow. The Shadow Work and Activations are pre-recorded for your convenience and only 30 minutes or less, giving you time and the opportunity to do the work without being overwhelmed by it.

The Crowned Creatrix also gives you a community of lovely animal lovers who will hold space for you when you're going through something rough, offer advice pertaining to your animals when asked, and share pro-tips they've learned along the way. Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

Note* The EmPAWwer App is free and offers free classes, guided healings, and meditations for you and your animals. The Crowned Creatrix is a program within the EmPAWer app that teaches you the Martial Arts of Magickⓒ so that you can energetically dropkick and hammer punch anything that gets in the way of you and your beloved animal companions living your best lives! The Crowned Creatrix comes with a small monthly fee, and you can cancel anytime.


Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

👉Download Free App (direct links below) through the app store to enjoy all the free classes and healings

👉 or upgrade for a small fee to be a Crowned Creatrix to join me where you'll learn how to energetically support your furry best friend's health with your hands, mind, and words and have access to all of the other paid content.

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With love and emPAWerment ❤️

❤️ With Radiance and awakened magic ❤️

❤️ ❤️





Many people aren't aware of the atrocious slaughter of dolphin families by zoos and aquariums. These businesses will slaughter the entire family or pod in order to steal a few babies. Please do not support this by visiting zoos and aquariums and please don't ever pay to "swim with dolphins" it's a dirty, cruel business. If you would like more information, you can watch the documentary The Cove or you can read a post by the National Geographic HERE

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