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Is it bad energy to keep your beloved furbaby's ashes?

Recently one of my clients reached out privately to ask if it was bad energy to keep your beloved furbaby's ashes. She had read a blog post where someone stated this.

Here are my two cents because you know I love giving them. No, they are not 'bad energy'! Many of us choose to have our beloveds cremated and then we build beautiful altars to them and continue to give them space and a place in our home and that is beautiful. That said, if you feel negative about the ashes, or have them thrown in the corner where they are collecting dust and are forgotten... yeah, you might want to rethink keeping them in the home and consider spreading them somewhere meaningful.

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet, everything has energy and I spent a full weekend cleaning my apartment to keep the energy fresh and clean and good. I held onto clothes and asked, "does this bring me joy?" following Marie Kondo's advice (Author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up). So if this is you and you have ashes and you're wondering if you should keep them, hold them in your hand and ask "Does having these in my house bring me joy or comfort?" If the answer is yes, they are good energy.

Don't believe every blog post out there you read, just mine ;)

If you are choosing to keep the ashes, go give them some love and good energy. I personally love how much homage Latin American countries put into celebrating the people they've loved who have passed away. In fact, this post is inspiring me to create something new and beautiful for my dearest soul companion, Holly, who passed away in 2015, and is the whole reason we know each other. She deserves something grand and glorious.

OH but don't light candles around the altar! Candles are extremely toxic to you and your furbabies. Most candles have wicks made with lead and if they are fragranced, it's even worse. But finding altar pics without photos of candles is near impossible. Trust me... no candles!

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