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Strong Bonds

I believe women form strong bonds with their animal companions because, with animals, our words are heard, listened to, and felt without interruption or judgment.

I was recently in Sedona Arizona, one of the most magical places I've ever been. The energy there is unexplainable but it is felt in each cell of your body. Laying on the red rocks, dreaming and laughing with a friend while stargazing, I saw 4 shooting stars! I also saw a family of Javelinas (wild little furry looking pigs) and a very beautiful coyote, and a snake lizard? I have no idea what it was but it was cool.

I was in Sedona because I'm working with a woman who helps women refine their message in this world. Have you ever had all these beautiful things, ideas, and visions in your brain that you don't know how to get out in a way where they will land and be heard in the way intended? Me too. I'm gearing up for some really big opportunities and needed help. Because I am passionate about my work, animals and the planet, I can get so caught in my brain that I I can feel tears well up. I have a message... how do I share it? There was a small group of women working on exactly this together while being supported and of course supporting one another.

It is rare to say what you need without interruption. It is so rare in fact, that it's shocking when it happens. As humans, we just have a hard time listening. One morning, we hiked out to a river and were instructed to go stand on a rock and let words flow from our mouths until we felt complete. It's referred to as a "True North" speech and is a feminine style of speaking. I had no idea what I was going to say. I could feel my guts quivering a bit. I'm usually prepared. I usually have an idea... something. But I just trusted my breath to take me where I needed to go. I had so much fear of being judged. I was being watched by 14 powerful female visionaries. Would I sound stupid? Would I sound profound? Would I sound like a bumbling idiot? I love lists and bullets points and I thrive with a map. In fact, I get irritated when people ramble on without purpose... oh God! Help! But when I stood up between 2 trees that I used to stable myself on a rock just inches from a moving river, a story I didn't expect to come from my mouth began to flow without thought. I laughed... and cried and so did everyone else. And when I was complete, I was celebrated and thrown into a warm embrace by each woman there. I was listened to without interruption. It was amazing how deep our bond grew from this.

Walking back to our meeting room, I realized that THIS is what our animal companions do for us each and every day. They listen. They listen without judgment or interruption. They hold space for us. They love us. NO WONDER we form such strong bonds with our beloveds. No WONDER they become our best friends and it's NO WONDER we grieve them when they leave this world. They know our deepest secrets. When we are able to speak of things on our mind in a True North style without bullet points and lists of things that must be said, magic happens. Words that lie in shadow come forth and reveal things that might even be a surprise to us. We feel safe and held and listened to by our furbabies. THEY are magic and master listeners.

I want to encourage you

When you return home to your beloved furry people. Listen without interruption to them. Try it. See what happens when you ask them how they're feeling and you sit quietly and listen. It's a beautiful thing.

My hope is

That we humans are able to listen with more heart to each other. Be present, be open and listen. Of course, this is a journey for me too.

Are you

Are you an active listener with your animal companions? Or have you experienced being listened to without judgement or interruption?

Share your experiences below!

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