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💔😿 When holding on is harmful 🐶💔

Dear PAWrents, Recently I went skydiving, and the only two instructions my tandem skydiver strapped to my back gave were, "Hold onto your harness straps until I tell you to stretch your arms out and as we jump, let your legs fall behind us." *Please click on image above to listen to my words instead of reading them We jumped out of the rickety little plane at 14,000 feet, wildly flipping and turning before he pulled the cable.

Jumping from a plane goes against all survival instincts. I can imagine these two simple rules came to be when they realized people will reach out and grab at anything they can get a hold of to stabilize themselves, even to their demise.

We've all been told that it's dangerous to jump into the water with someone drowning with the intent to save them because they won't be able to stop themselves from drowning you, too, which is why throwing a life preserver at the person drowning is recommended.

When we feel like we are wildly flipping and flopping through life for whatever reason, we can do this to our friends, family, romantic interests, or anyone else we can latch onto. Our two arms become eight, and the handholding we seek becomes a desperate and suffocating grasp that will take everyone down.

Ever felt this way? I know I have. And then we might notice that the people we've tried to latch onto understandably disappear because they don't want to "drown" with us.

So even though I was astonished, the only instructions I was given were, "Hold onto your straps until I tell you to let go." the truth is there's no way a one-page lesson plan could have trained me for tandem skydiving. In the same way, reading memes about grief can prepare you for losing someone you love.

My mind told me that the plane door would open, and I would glide out like a flying squirrel; the autumn colors would flood my eyes, and I would land feeling unstoppable in life. My mind couldn't prepare me for the plane fishtailing or sounding like it was struggling to make it into the sky, what it would feel like to fall 200 feet per second, or how loud the wind would be as we descended. Have I mentioned that I suffer from both elevation and motion sickness?

So, the most important thing I could have done during the jump was to keep my arms to myself until it was safe to loosen my grip.

By the way, I didn't see the autumn leaves because all I could do was focus on my breath while I was thinking, "Did I leave Sugarpants (my cat) enough food and water to survive until someone can get to her?!" Because I was convinced I was going to die, and when I landed, I didn't feel unstoppable. I felt shaky, and tears began to form in my eyes because my adrenaline didn't know what to do with me. But a day after the jump, I was able to process and have the grand takeaways that I'm sure will continue to come. But I can say, "Holy shit, I jumped from a plane!"

Starting on Tuesday the 25th and for the next few weeks, members of the Crowned Creatrix will be working with The Octopus doing their shadow work to release the grip.

Octopi are genius. Can you imagine if they were wildly gripping onto everything and everyone they could get their tentacles around only because they're too nervous about letting go? They wouldn't survive the ocean. Instead, they're very creative and intelligent about what they grab, and it serves them when they hold onto something. You know, the difference between grasping onto fears vs. grasping onto our dreams.

When we release the stronghold on our fears and trust that the universe/source energy/Goddess/spirit guides have our back and will make sure we will land precisely where we are supposed to, we can open ourselves to more possibilities and even perhaps a lovely experience.

The Octopus will help you see what you're holding onto, and The Shadow Work will help you to begin the healing process around the things you're grasping out of fear. We can't wait to open your arms to the desires in your life that serve you and your animal companions.

Speaking of whom, are on this ride with us. Whether we like it or not, they are strapped in tandem with us on this journey, and when we are stressed, they are stressed, but when we are calm and happy, they get to be that too.

If this resonates, sign up to be a Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app and follow along with the guided Shadow Work that will be available to you for the next few weeks.

I'm Rachel Augusta- host, creatrix, shapeshifter, destroyer of old paradigms, creator of new beliefs, mover and shaker, and a student of life who is devoted to trusting that my guides have me strapped into their harness and even when I don't know what I'm doing or where I'm going, I can trust that they do. I want the same for you.


Everything on the Crowned Creatrix is guided and easy to follow. The Shadow Work and Activations are pre-recorded for your convenience and only 30 minutes or less, giving you time and the opportunity to do the work without being overwhelmed by it.

The Crowned Creatrix also gives you a community of lovely animal lovers who will hold space for you when you're going through something rough, offer advice pertaining to your animals when asked, and share pro-tips they've learned along the way. Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

Note* The EmPAWwer App is free and offers free classes, guided healings, and meditations for you and your animals. The Crowned Creatrix is a program within the EmPAWer app that teaches you the Martial Arts of Magickⓒ so that you can energetically dropkick and hammer punch anything that gets in the way of you and your beloved animal companions living your best lives! The Crowned Creatrix comes with a small monthly fee, and you can cancel anytime.


Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

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👉 or upgrade for a small fee to be a Crowned Creatrix to join me where you'll learn how to energetically support your furry best friend's health with your hands, mind, and words and have access to all of the other paid content. Join the EmPAWer Facebook Group for connection and coaching. Get the EmPAWer app for Apple Get the EmPAWer app for Google

With love and emPAWerment ❤️

❤️ With Radiance and awakened magic ❤️

❤️ ❤️




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