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❤️😺 Which Bone to Pick 🐶❤️

Hello, my sweet summer PAWrents,

About 10 years ago I was called in as the animal practitioner to work with a dog who was rescued from dog fighting, and I wish I could say that was the worst part of her story, but it wasn't. If you prefer to listen to my story vs read it, please click the arrow above hovering on the Stingray. Otherwise keep reading.

This was at the beginning of my career of working with animals, and I didn't realize how unprepared I was going to feel in helping this dog until I was standing in the elevator that would take me to the 11th floor of a building where I would meet her. I had 11 floors and a very long hallway to walk where my heart began racing, my stomach was thumping, my ears began ringing and my palms became sweaty. Who did I think I was to even imagine that I could be the person to help this severely abused dog, heal? And what if I couldn't? This was my first real experience with feeling like a fraud. But in addition to my fear of not being the right person for the job, my fear of being physically harmed in the process was also hosing me down in anxiety. A scared animal is a dangerous animal. And that she was. On that elevator, I began chanting words to give me the courage I needed, I remember them perfectly because I will occasionally still use them. "I was sent in as part of the sacred council, I am powerful. I can help this dog. I was sent in as part of the sacred council, I am powerful, I can help this dog. I was sent in as part of the sacred council..." I said this on repeat until I was knocking on the door of the apartment where they lived.

That was many years ago, and I DID help that dog heal and have helped many animals since but the only thing that got me there that day was practice and being on a moving elevator, reciting a chant that convinced me I was someone different from who -in that fear moment- I believed myself to be.

World famous UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez, chants "YES! YES! YES!" every time he walks into a ring to fight. He's become famous for it and has inspired others (including myself) to do the same. He's telling both his brain and body that he is capable of anything. "Yes! I can do this", "Yes! I will win".

Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical."

~New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra

But if you read any famous quotes about strength, nearly all of them tell you the most important thing is to have a backbone... forgetting that your backbone in these situations comes from a wishbone, the mental preparation needed.

Even American author, Caroline Myss, who writes about mysticism and wellness, wrote "Get a backbone, not a wishbone!" ...and she writes about mysticism?!?! What sort of patriarchal teachings is she spewing?! The belief that we have to choose one over the other is central to the awful capitalist paradigm that keeps most of us playing a small game. Believing that your body is going to push you forward without your brain on board is an almost impossible feat. It is not about choosing a backbone over a wishbone, it's understanding that these two bones are intertwined. And this is why I far prefer Reba McEntire's quote, "To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone."

That day I was riding in the elevator to the dog in need, I definitely didn't feel like I had a backbone but I was holding a wishbone. I was holding a wishbone for both the dog and myself. I wanted the dog to live the rest of her life happy and free of trauma and I wanted to be the person who helped her. I wanted to prove to myself that I could help her and that working with animals as an energetic practitioner was something I was cut out to do. My heart was in the right place, my wishes were in order, I had my power chants and they allowed me to keep moving through my fear.

This month participants in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app dived into shadow work with The Rabbit to work through the energetics of freezing through fear. When our animals are diagnosed with terrible diseases, it's easy to freak out and not move forward with a helpful game-plan. (If you missed my email about The Rabbit, and how Analysis PAWralysis can harm us and our animals, you can read it in full HERE ). So now, on this full moon starting Thursday, participants will be activated to the energy of moving forward even when you don't feel like you have a backbone.

Who better to lead you through this than, The Stingray?! This amazing sea creature spends their day escaping predators without a backbone, so despite all the quotes telling us that you're never going to get anywhere without a backbone, The Stingray proves our limited human minds very, very wrong.

The opposite of 'freeze' is movement, and hot damn isn't that the whole point of energy... for it to MOVE? Answer: yes.

With bulging eyes and mouths wide open, some stingrays move their whole body, and some move just their wings. By the by, even though it's counterintuitive, those bulging eyes and open mouths that stingrays have add speed to their movement! I loved reading this! When we're trapped in fear, our bodies often do the same. I think famous artist Edvard Munch captured this with his piece named "The Scream" So what if instead of making ourselves wrong for morphing our faces in shock, we began making it a superpower that also helps us move more quickly?

In the Stingray activation, you will energetically adopt their superpower of movement without a backbone. And we will take the body responses that seem problematic on the surface (e.g. bulging eyes, floppy jaw, sweaty brows, and racing hearts), and turn them into fuel so you can move with the speed your body is capable of.

I love Shadow work because it's necessary to clean out the goo holding you back, but I squeal with activations because this is where the magic happens! Activations tap you into your energetic powers and beyond.

You only have a few more weeks to dive into the Shadow work with The Rabbit, and doing the work with both the Rabbit and the Stingray will be extremely beneficial so if this is speaking to you, don't dilly dally. New guides and lessons come with each moon phase, meaning that the Crowned Creatrix is updated and changed frequently, once a guide and lesson are gone, it's removed from the app.

If this is speaking to you, and you're telling yourself you'll take time to think about it, I'm not going to tell you to get a backbone, but I will tell you that THIS IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO MOVE. The shadow work and activation in August were made for you. And the hard things that scare us into 'freeze mode' don't go away (in fact, they amp up) until we move towards our dharma.

Energy changes, shifts, and flows, and we don't ever want it to be stagnant.

This is for if you have a backbone, or you are wishing for one.

This is for you if you have a wishbone or have lost yours.

This is for you if you have a funny bone or haven't bumped yours in while.

Join me and a group of other PAWerful PAWrent Creatrixes (say that three times fast!) on the EmPAWer app to bring healing to you and to your beloved animals. The Crowned Creatrix is a place where you will learn to tap into magic that you didn't think was available to you and to Hammer Punch harmful quotes, and outdated thought patterns that were intended to bring good but instead slathered us in more bad. Why? Because you are both creator and destroyer!

I'm Rachel Augusta, host, creatrix, shapeshifter, destroyer of old paradigms, creator of new beliefs, mover and shaker, willing to hit my funny bone if it accelerates my wish bone and powers up my backbone and I want the same for you.

Join us in the Crowned Creatrix on the EmPAWer app.

Download Free App (direct links below) through the app store to enjoy all the free classes and healings

or upgrade for a small fee to be a Crowned Creatrix to join me where you'll learn how to energetically support your furry best friend's health with your hands, mind, and words and have access to all of the other paid content.

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With love and emPAWerment

With Radiance and awakened magic Rachel

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