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Private Sessions

Are antibiotics not working? Your beloved is going in for surgery or recovering from surgery? You just received a diagnosis that's terrible and now you're scrambling to fix things? Or perhaps an injury that looks grim? These are just some of the reasons people come to me with their beloved best friends. 


There's no question that private sessions are going to be the most in-depth and personalized with the biggest results and lots of hand-holding during this scary time.

All the details you'll need are on the booking page. But if you're new to me and my work and would like to chat with me first, book a consultation. 

Domestic Parrot

Group Healings

Womyn rarely make time for themselves so this is your way to be held accountable for some much-needed self-care. Studies prove that animals take on the stress of their human caretakers, which can lead to the animals’ illnesses. The Furamily Membership is where womyn and their furbabies in all stages of health can be proactive in getting the support, healing, and the community they need because a womxn who heals herself, heals her furbabies.

The FURamily membership is a monthly subscription and my VIP's (very important PAWrents) meet online on the first Monday of the month at 6 pm Pacific. All group healings are recorded to watch at a later time if you can't make it to the live call. And members of the group healings are given discounts on private sessions. 

Group Healings
Image by olly allars

Spoken Spells

My Spoken Spells are pre-recorded healing sessions for specific issues your animals might be experiencing. Currently, there are two, and more are being added very soon! 

The first is free and it's for a short, general healing, the second is for animals with Cancer and it's a full hour channeled healing. My Spoken Spells are deep magic and have brought incredible healing results with almost no financial investment. They are wonderfully paired with private sessions but they are so powerful they also stand on their own two feet if I'm not privately treating you beloved best friend. 

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Free Classes

Cancer is one of my specialties and people are always shocked when I say it's one of the diseases where I see the most miracles. But it's all true. That said, it requires the human guardian to make some real changes at home in order to see those miracles stick. Take my free course, dive into my free content and set yourself, your beloved animal, and your home up for success. It's free, quick, and easy!

spoken Spells
Free Classes
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