Do you have a beloved animal living with cancer? Then this Spoken Spell is for them!

Have you ever heard a song that changed your life? We all have a song that changed our life, got us through a really difficult time, or amped us up to feel courageous and unstoppable. Some songs that come to mind are: "Here Comes the Sun" -Beetles, "We Will Rock You" -Queen, "Good Day" -Nappy Roots, "Amen" -Otis Redding, "Lean on Me" -Bill Withers, "Truth Hurts" -Lizzo or even "Groove Is In The Heart" -Deee-Lite.

We played these powerful songs over and over and over because our head, heart, and body needed to hear it. The lyrics, and the beat thrumming into our soul like a spoken spell with words recited that seemed they had been sung specifically for us and what was happening in our lives at that moment. This song connected us to ourselves, to others, and to a higher place. The words moving through our brain and our blood creating energy that could be tapped into when played, causing us to play the song on repeat perhaps multiple times a day because it was the medicine we needed. And as we began to feel stronger, happier, more connected, we downgraded this song to daily, and then once a week…. and finally only when needed. But months or years later when you hear this song that acted like medicine, you remember how this song was there for you and supported you like a best friend.

Music is powerful and words are powerful and when you put them together, they create spoken spells of magic.

That’s why I created a musical spoken spell of magic, energy, and healing for you to play for your beloved animal companion who is living with cancer because just like us, music and powerful words can change their lives too.

This Spoken Spell that was created for an animal living with cancer is a woven spell of healing that penetrates every cell of their body. This spoken song is going to get them through their days where they don’t feel well because they're sick to their stomach, in pain, tired, scared, or need to be blanketed in a lot of positive words in the same way we do when things are hard and we are trying to climb a mountain. This is a spoken spell that was created to be so deeply relaxing to them that allows their muscles to relax, which will oxygenate the blood. When someone is living with cancer, oxygenated blood is imperative to health because it helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently, creates digestive enzymes, regulates the hormones, and can create new cell growth. This spoken spell is to get the brain and body to start working with one another instead of against each other as a winning team.

In the movie Rocky, when Sylvester Stallone is training for the biggest fight of his life, the song Eye of the Tiger begins to stream while he's training. This scene wouldn't have been memorable had it been filmed without it. This was the exact song that needed to be played to create the energy needed to help us understand what Stallone's character was going through and the words, " It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival, and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night and he's watchin' us all with the eye of the tiger" helped him rise as champion. And most of us have played this song at some point in our life when also rising as champions because it makes us feel strong as it was intended to.

We all have a song that got us through a really tough time in our life, and this Spoken Spell is the song (it's so much more than a song but you get the point) for your animal living with cancer.

"Seymour, is my 9-year-old Sphynx, with complicated health issues, and who Rachel has helped with healing sessions. In the past few months, Seymour developed a tumor in his gum. It would get irritated and would bleed. It was so painful he would paw at his mouth. He had two surgeries to remove it, yet it would return. Rachel sent me her Cancer Spoken Spell to play for him. In the meantime, Seymour was scheduled for a third surgery, but prior to the appointment, when the vet tech examined his mouth, the tumor had all but disappeared! She reported to the vet, that it was almost undetectable! I was not surprised . . . Rachel's skills in energetic healing have helped Seymour countless times, and baffled even veterinarian specialists in the process! So now this spoken spell brings another healing modality for our Seymour! Love is a powerful medicine! Thank You, Rachel!"
Lynn and her kitty, Ohio

"The first time I played the Cancer Spoken Spell for my dog, Cannon, a greyhound I rescued 6 weeks ago, he slept more deeply than he has since he's been in my home. Halfway through he stretched and placed his paw in my hand and I was deeply moved since I knew that was his way of saying "Thank you!". I love being able to give him this healing 4 times a week." 
Sara Byerly and her pooch, Minnesota

Cancer Spoken Spell

  • Run Time: 60 Minutes 

    Healing by: Rachel Augusta

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