What are the chances that this full moon in August would happen to fall on the same night as the group healing and Dragon Initiation?! Tap into this glorious full moon energy of letting go of things that no longer serve you and make room for courage, power, and innate ntelligence. 

This month, in the group healing, The Dragon will be coming into our sacred space to initiate us with her innate wisdom. The Dragon will show us how to see the self behind the self. She shows us how to tap into our inner fire and our sacred intelligence.

WHAT YOU GET: You will be initiated into the genius wisdom of The Dragon where you will experience shifts and changes in your own life in the areas of: Courage, Strength, Spiritual Sight, Power, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Seeing one’s true self. 

Tapping into this wisdom helps heal all areas of your life and helps your animals heal! When you are living in your truth, you are "cleaning" the space around you and making it easier for your beloved animal companions to breath. 

WHAT YOUR ANIMAL GETS: Your beloved animal companion (furry, skinned, feathered, or scaled) will receive a healing from me (Rachel) and that healing will be ignited with intensity by the other HELPers during the healing and all month long! These healings are beautiful and powerful. 

WHO IS THIS FOR: Womxn and their furbabies (we love skin, feathered, and scaled too!)

DURATION: 90 Minutes.  You will also have access to the recording to use all month long. 

LOCATION: Online! You will receive instructions to jump into a zoom room with us.

TIME: 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, 9 PM Eastern

IMPORTANT DETAILS: This is for you and 1 animal in your home, only during the month of August. If you want to SAVE $5 and add more animals, subscribe to the FURamily Membership to recieve ongoing healings, group support, discounted private sessions and other perks.  you can do that here: 

Full Moon Dragon Initiation

  • Once you purchase the healing for the month of August, please email a photo of your animal (face should be visible)  to rachel@rachelaugusta.com