Private sessions are extremely powerful as they allow me to connect directly to your animals and communicate with their body to find out where the pain is sitting. It also allows me to go into a private "energetic surgery" space with them where I can repair things that group healings, 20-minute tune-ups, or pre-recorded healings don't offer. 

Health intensive packages are 4, 1- hour sessions which give me time and space to be able to fully rebuild your animal's energy body. Rome wasn't built in a day or if you have 50 pounds to lose, you can't do it in 1 hour at the gym and the same is true with our animal's health. 

People who purchase the Health Intensive see the biggest results because we go after the health (physical or emotions) in an aggressive and full force manner, which is how you will see RESULTS. 

  • The first session is rebuilding the engine. 
  • The second session allows me to remove any roadblocks that would prevent the engine from blowing out again. 
  • The third session is placing the solar panels on top.
  • the 4th session is going back and making sure your animal's "vehicle" is road ready. Making sure everything looks brilliant and is working well. This fourth session also allows me time to go back and fix anything that's still not working properly. 

    Sessions typically happen a week apart unless there is major healthcare and we need to be more aggressive. 

    **If you have health insurance on your animals, we can see if my services are covered. 

    The Cancer Cure Track is included in the purchase of this package!

Once purchased, I will reach out to arrange an appointment. 

Health Intensive - Package