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We all have a song that changed our life, got us through a difficult time, or amped us up to feel courageous and unstoppable. We played these powerful songs on repeat. 


The song was thrumming through our soul like it was specifically written for us, describing what we were going through at that moment. This song connected us to ourselves, others, and a higher place, creating energy and behaving like the medicine we needed. And as we began to feel stronger, happier, and more connected, we downgraded this song to a daily listen, then once a week, and finally only when needed. But months or years later, when you hear this song that acted like medicine, you remember how it was there for you and supported you like a best friend. 


Music and words are powerful; they create spoken spells of magic, and that's why I create meditations of spoken spells that stir magic, energy, and healing for you and your animal companions. These meditations are designed to get them through the days when they don't feel well because they are sick to their stomach, in pain, tired, scared, or need to be blanketed in positive words. They were created to be so profoundly grounding that their muscles relax, which oxygenates the blood. 


When someone isn't feeling well, oxygenated blood is imperative to health because it helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently, creates digestive enzymes, regulates hormones, and can create new cell growth. This meditation will get the brain and body to start working with one another instead of against each other. 


In the movie Rocky, when Sylvester Stallone is training for the biggest fight of his life, the song Eye of the Tiger begins to stream. This song made the movie, and most of us have played it at some point in our life when also needing that forward movement; please understand that your animal companions need the same.


We all have a song that got us through a tough time in our life, and my meditations are the songs (They're so much more than a song, but you get the point) to get you and your animals through difficult moments they are currently facing. 

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While you can download meditations from my website, I personally recommend downloading the EmPAWer app and playing them there.

Because Apple is so proprietary, it can be extremely difficult to easily save and play anything you didn't purchase directly through itunes whereas clicking "play" in the app is far easierand will save you a lot of time and headache. Additionally, it will give you access to all of the free classes, spells, and meditations all in one place. 

You also have the option to pay a lower fee when you sign up for a subscription.


Theresa, North Carolina

"My foster kitty, Butterchew, was untouchable We started listening to Rachel's healing audio together and for the first time ever he sat with me and put his head on my leg." 

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