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    “I asked Rachel to speak to my audience of 500+ women at my Women Rocking Business, event because she’s charismatic, funny, and gets people to lean in." Sage Lavine, Best Selling Author

  • WomanSpeak International Festival

    "Most people know that animals can smell emotions but the truth is that animals don't just smell our emotions, they feel them with us! " Rachel Augusta


    "Hilarious, powerful, thought-provoking…Rachel had everyone at the WomanSpeak Festival simultaneously busting out with laughter AND feeling deeply moved. She takes the audience deeper into the world of understanding animals and our connection to them, and what they need to thrive. Extraordinary talk and speaker!"
    KC Baker Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder at WomanSpeak

  • With absolute hilarity and bust-out-loud laughter from the audience, Rachel teaches proven science in the most entertaining and empowering ways.
    Her talks support animal guardians to understand that the health of their animals is deeply connected to their emotional well-being.

    As a sought after inspirational speaker, Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner, animal lover, and meowmy.
    She has taught international classes and speaks to audiences of other animal lovers all over the world, supporting them in their animal's health and wellness so that they move from reactionary health care to preventative.

  • Potentional Talk Topics

    Rachel offers a range of speaking topics focused on animals and their physical and emotional health and well being. Her in-person or virtual talks can range from 15-60 minute keynote addresses with the option of a workshop for attendees at live events.

    She is best known for "Take a chill pill: Your emotions are making your furbabies sick" in which she

    explains how our pain, suffering, trauma, and unresolved issues affect not just our lives but our animals — this is no longer just about you. She then takes the audience on a journey of what is possible with our animal's health when we embrace joy.

    Topic #1

    Take a Chill Pill: Your emotions are making your furbabies sick

    Studies prove that our bonded animal companions can smell and feel our emotions. So when we let them (negative emotions) get the best of us, and we live in a state of fight or flight, not only are we creating disease in our bodies but also in theirs.

    Value add for the audience
    Audiences will grasp the impact they have on their animal companion's health and they will be inspired & empowered to make personal changes so everyone in the home can thrive.

    Topic #2

    PAWsitive Communication: To get you through the rough stuff

    How we speak to, and about our animals can support them in healing their grief, trauma, separation anxiety, and behavioral issues.

    Value add for the audience
    Attendees will understand that you don't need to be a 'woo woo' pet psychic to speak to your animals! Through simple steps and practices, you'll learn to communicate to help animals through events like 4th of July Fireworks, rescue/adoption, loss of a companion, separation anxiety, and when families kennel for travel.

    Topic #3

    Death and Grieving: How to speak with people who have lost a beloved furbaby

    Death is a difficult topic for most people. What do we say? What do we do to help the person grieving? Our loss of words can cause us not to have any. Or worse, the wrong thing can be said like "You can get another". These flawed moments can cause so much pain for the person experiencing the loss that they end up feeling isolated and aren't able to process the grief they're experiencing in their hearts.

    Value add for the audience
    Mastering conversation around grief and how to truly support someone when their furbaby has died.

  • Rachel's Bio

    Rachel Augusta was featured by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine. Rachel works with animals all over the world who are sick, injured, have a terminal illness or suffer from age-related issues or trauma due to previous abuse. She is a certified Advanced Proficiency Healing Touch for Animals® practitioner which is the highest certification in this field. She has her own practice, works in hospitals, vet clinics & rehab facilities, and shelters. Rachel’s business was featured in a best selling Hay House published book, Women Rocking Business, she has been interviewed by the international animal protection organization In Defense of Animals, has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and radio shows, and is a keynote speaker at various festivals, events, colleges, and workshops spreading her message about the importance of preventative healthcare.

  • Sweet Words


    "Rachel gets on stage and people can't help but listen with their whole selves. She brings ease and humor into topics that are edgy and profoundly important. You'll laugh, you'll wonder, you'll cry. You know you're in the presence of a great speaker when they can pull out of you a full range of human emotions in just a few minutes."


    - Amber Campion, international mindfulness teacher, leadership coach, and writer

  • Audiences Rachel has Presented to

    • WomanSpeak International Festival
    • Meow Meetup Chicago
    • Women Rocking Business
    • Animal Rights Coalition
    • In Defense of Animals
    • University of Minnesota/Mankato
    • Women's Spirituality Conference
    • Women's Wellness Weekend

  • Sweet Words

    "Hilarious, relatable, powerful and humble. Rachel Augusta mirrors the symbiotic relationship we can ALL have with our animal companions, she inspires a great opportunity to heal with them, through them, and for them. If you want to be the best human to your animal friend- check out Rachel Augusta NOW!" Serena Ryder Canadian 4x platinum musician

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