• Want to prevent disease?

    Then get this TOXIC SH#! out of your house!

    Often when animals come to me who are incredibly sick, it's because there's a lot of stinky stuff in the house.
    What is stinky stuff? Man-made FRAGRANCE! If you have an animal who is fighting diseases, this might be why. If you have an animal with something that vets can't diagnose, this might be the cause. If you want to keep everyone healthy, get the STINK out!

    Here are some common culprits that people have in their homes that are KILLING their animals.

    • Candles! Get the candles out of your house! Period. Candles with fragrance are killing both you and your animal companions. And if that wasn't bad enough, the wicks are almost always made with lead. You are burning lead in your home! Do you think I'm wrong? Here's the Snopes article that digs into the facts of it for you.
    • Incense! Not only does incense have man-made fragrance but it is also known to damage your DNA! Don't believe me? Read this medical journal where research proves it's long term effects.
    • Glade Plug-ins! GET THEM OUT!!! THEY ARE KILLING YOU! Read more about it HERE
    • Perfume grade essential oils - They are NOT therapeutic grade, they have toxic fillers and can kill your animals. When you read articles about an essential oil that was diffused in the home and killed someone's beloved cat, it's because they were purchased from Walmart, Target, Amazon or even a local natural health food store. YOU HAVE TO USE THERAPEUTIC GRADE or don't use any at all. Because of the Sead to Seal promise that Young Living Oils can make, this is the company I choose to use because it is the only company that has this promise. 
    • Household cleaners like Bleach, Pinesol, Swiffer Jet, soap with scent, detergents with fragrance.  There's a great app for your phone called "Think Dirty" where you can scan products and it will tell you how toxic it is. I highly recommend it. 
    • Body products like scented lotions and perfume! Watch the documentary Stink on Netflix (trailer below) not only will you be worried about putting this on your body, but putting this on your body is not just toxic for you but also for your animals because they lay next to you, groom you and can smell you!

    Stink trailer

    Available on Netflix and Itunes

    In this documentary, Whelan quickly discovers that manufacturers and retailers in the U.S. have no obligation to reveal chemicals used in their products, even if those chemicals can cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive damage. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE

    What's most important is that you get the STINKY STUFF out!

    If you want to use vinegar and lemon - awesome we support you, if you want to use all natural cleaners from your store without fragrance, that's great! Rachel uses Thieves cleaner from Young Living because it's all natural, it's more effective than bleach, and once diluted is about 17 cents a bottle... which is cheaper than anything you could buy at the dollar store. You can make a 1-time purchase or you can get the Thieves starter kit which will make you a member and save you 24% on future purchases. Either choice is a good choice.
    If you want more information or help, contact Rachel for more info otherwise click on the button below

    Rachel uses Thieves cleaner in her home to clean literally everything from counters, toilets, windows, floors, and the litter box

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