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Instead of Chemo or other traditional medicines or to work in conjunction with them.


Sessions to avoid surgery or speed up recovery after surgey.


Sessions to manage pain and help them age gracefully.


Sessions to bring comfort and pain relief during this final chapter


Sessions to heal emotional wounds and broken hearts

Disease and chronic illness

Do you have an animal who is seriously ill, has been diagnosed (or undiagnosed!) with a disease? Then let's HELP set them up for success so that their body starts working with them instead of against them and they can heal. Sometimes we're helping them heal completely and giving them a new lease on life and sometimes we're just making sure they're comfortable for the rest of the time they're here with us. Here's a shortlist of specific issues they might be having where I can help.

  • Disease (Cancer, renal failure, hypothyroidism, diabetes)

  • Autoimmune (Cushing Syndrome, skin issues, etc...)

  • Pre/post treatment such as chemo



Have an animal who has an injury? Injuries happen all the time! Dogs end up with spine and back issues just playing at dog-park! I can HELP  avoid surgery and get their body to heal quickly
​Bulging discs and spine issues are scary because it can drastically change their life.  When this happens, your veterinarian will want to operate. While sometimes that is unavoidable, I have yet to work with a patient who needed surgery after a few sessions. If you can avoid surgery, you want to!   ...but if you cannot, then setting them up to heal quickly will be game-changer for them. 


  • ​Bulging discs and spine issues

  • Sports Injuries and accidents

  • Pre/post-operation


Age-Related Issues

As our animals grow older, ​new issues pop up. This is when their quality of life is everything. As our beloved animal companions age, we want them happy, feeling good enough to play or move, and just generally feeling good in their body! I can HELP manage their pain so they can age gracefully.

  • Arthritis

  • Newly developed anxieties

  • Issues sleeping

  • Weakened immune system

Age Related Issues


Saying goodbye is the worst but when they are getting ready to let go, it is hard for them to eat, drink, move or even empty their bowels. I can HELP offer pain relief while they're going through this transition which is very comforting for the family through this extremely painful experience. When someone has entered into hospice, it's not about 'curing', the goal is to bring comfort.

  • Pain Relief

  • Relaxation 

  • Stimulating the appetite

  • Helping them sleep

  • Bringing relaxation to the whole family


Anxiety. Grief. Trauma.

Separation Anxiety is so common, especially for dogs that have been adopted or perhaps they lost a friend... 
Or it may be that your beloved animal companion experienced something extremely traumatizing and now they suffer from emotional trauma? I can 
HELP bring them relief.


  • Fireworks!!

  • Trauma from previous neglect/abuse - perhaps you rescued them and you don't know what happened, but it was bad.

  • Grief over loss and death-  Maybe their previous human died or maybe they lost their sister/brother and they're withdrawn.

  • Rescues from puppy mills

  • Rescues from dogfighting.

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