• We can't heal if we're stressed. Neither can your fur babies! Download my Audio track to relieve stress in both of you!

  • Rachel Augusta, HTACP

    Heals animals who are

    sick, injured, diseased,

    or are suffering trauma

    from previous abuse

  • What's the difference between Reiki
    and Healing Touch for Animals®

    Rachel is certified, licensed and insured in Healing Touch for Animals®. What's the difference between Healing Touch for Animals® and Reiki? A lot! Healing touch/Healing touch for animals® is used in hospitals and in veterinary clinics and has very specific medical protocols to help speed up the healing process in humans and animals. The Penny Institute was able to prove that one HT session could save a hospital patient $2000.00 a day if they received one 45 minute session. Pretty impressive0 right?!
    Reiki, while lovely and effective, has no medical protocols involved and the Reiki practitioner let's the energy "intuitively" flow which is great but not usually enough when someone is really sick. Why is this important? Well Rachel spent years in school, in hospitals and veterinary clinics studying the body under specific medical conditions and had to perform over 150 case studied as a part of her certification. Whereas someone with a Reiki training may have obtained their certificate in 1 hour from an online course. Reiki is a hot 'key' word that people often use to describe energy medicine but modalities are quite different and she be noted as such. Why is this important? Well... in the same way there's a difference between a nurse practitioner, gynecologist and a heart surgeon. all wonderful and needed but they've studied the body in different ways and their talents lie in different areas. additionally some spent much more time in school than others. And this is what sets rachel apart from reiki practitioners and often why people complain to her that they've tried reiki with their animals it wasn't as effective as they thought it would be. Reiki can be really great for minor issues or maintenance but if there is serious issues either physical or emotional, it simply is not enough.

  • Private sessions

    Interested in having Rachel work privately with your animals? Please schedule a phone consultation so she can get your babes on the road to health. PLEASE NOTE services DO NOT replace medical care from a veterinarian.

    Health Intensive

    Do you have a fur baby who is seriously ill and injured or has been diagnosed with disease and are suffering with physical pain

    • Disease (Cancer, renal failure, hypothyroidism, diabetes)
    • Autoimmune (Cushing Syndrome, skin issues, etc...)
    • Aging (arthritis, weakened immune system)
    • Sports Injuries and accidents
    • Pre/post operation


    This program is for those suffering with anxiety, emotional trauma, depression.

    • Fear and anxiety (fireworks, thunder, separation)
    • Jealousy with other animals in the home.
    • Trauma from previous neglect/abuse.
    • Grief over loss and death

      For dogs with extreme aggression please see a dog behavioralist. 


    This program was designed for our loved ones when their body is getting ready to let go. Often times, it is hard for them to eat, drink, go to the bathroom or even sleep. Energy medicine can help offer pain relief while go through this transition and that can be very comforting for the family through this extremely painful experience.

    • Pain Relief
    • Relaxation 
    • Stimulates appetite
    • Detoxes body
    • Brings relaxation to the whole family

    Health Maintenance

    The BEST way to prevent disease, illness and huge vet bills is to invest in preventative health care! And the best time to do it is when your furamily members are already healthy! Consult with Rachel to learn simple tools you can use to help your fur babies STAY HEALTHY and a maintenance plan that makes sense.

  • Other Offerings

    Furamily Group Healing

    Membership to a monthly group healing for you and your furbabies!

    A membership with a regular group healing for stressed women (and their fur babies) who have full schedules, and can't find time for themselves!

    This membership is good for animals who have:

    • Arthritis
    • Fear of fireworks or storms
    • Trauma from previous abuse or neglect
    • Cancer
    • ​Auto-immune issues
    • ​Kidney disease or liver failure
    • Issues pertaining to age
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Jealousy issues with other members in the furamily
    • Injuries
    • Fur babies who love spa days... who doesn't love a spa day?
    • Those who have had private sessions (behavioral or health intensives) with Rachel and want a maintenance plan to keep things moving in the right direction. 

      CLICK HERE for more info


    Furamily Academy

    Furamilies that feel together, heal together! join Rachel in Making your PAWsome family even better!

    Furamily Academy makes pawsome families even better!

    This course will set you up for success no matter how young, old, healthy or sick your animals are because it's designed for animals in all stages of their life. Participants learn how to touch their animals to seek out illness that might otherwise be hidden. The also learn how to build up their fur babies immune system with massage and acupressure. Lastly, Families learn how to communicate with their animals so that they can talk them through vet visits, trauma, fireworks and/or behavioral issues. This is a live and online course and can be taken from the comfort of your own own.

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND


    Want to learn how to heal the energetic body of your Furamily members?

    Stabilizing Their Star Stuff

    Atomic works on the energy body of your furamily member's "star stuff" to bring healing on a deeper lever for both emotional and physical issues. Students learn how to work both on the body and at a distance. Students in this program get hands on experience at shelters and sanctuaries to heal the physical body and help animals release trauma. This is a live and online course and can be taken from the comfort of your own home!

  • TEAM

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND


    Muffin Maker & Accountant

    Sugarpants loves helping those in need and feels that her assistance is vital to Rachel's work. Her favorite tool is the Om Tuner. Sugarpants also believes that raises should be handed out on a weekly basis and be paid in the form of cold hard cash... We think she was probably an Italian mob boss in a past life. So Rachel's nickname for her is Minestrone or "Pants" because she wears the pants in this house.

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Rachel Augusta

    Certified Healing Touch for Animals® Advanced Proficiency Practitioner

    In addition to the private sessions Rachel Augusta provides, she also teaches international online classes for people who want to connect on a deeper level with their companion animals. Rachel’s business was featured in a Hay House published book, Women Rocking Business, She’s an international speaker, has been interviewed on Truth Cat Radio and by In Defense Of Animals and Vegan Spirituality, and she's been published in The Edge magazine. Rachel is certified in Healing Touch for Animals® and is a Healing Touch for humans practitioner. Rachel also serves on the Board of The Friends of Roberts Bird Sanctuary and is an activist for various causes including animal rights, humans rights and environmentalism. Rachel was interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, BBC and was on the cover of People Magazine in July of 2015 for her activism. Rachel works with clients all over the globe whether it's to bring healing to those who are sick or with those interested in having her mentor them to help make their PAWsome furamilies even better!

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND


    Founder of the Gutsy Grackle

    and Not-So-Silent Partner

    If it wasn't for Holly's persistence, Rachel would never have delved into energy work. It took Holly 17 years to open Rachel's eyes that that helping animals heal was what Rachel was put on this planet to do. Holly was/is Rachel's teacher and mentor. Even tho Holly passed away in June of 2015 at the age of 20, Rachel is on a mission to follow through with Holly's biggest lesson that fur babies are people too!

  • Fatty Tumors

    "Wow, where do I begin? I found Rachel and I am so grateful! She came to do some healing sessions with my Jillie and Jack. I could write a book on this one experience- I could physically see toxins leaving Jillie's body throughout the day after Rachel worked and she has been so playful and loving since. Jack received a wonderful dose of his own love and I actually started crying during his session because I could feel it too! He has been a bit more relaxed, eating better, and happier (he worries too much). I can't wait to have Rachel come out and visit my horse Breezy and see the pups again. Thank you Rachel! You are amazing and such a beautiful spirit!!"
    Barb B. and Jack & Jillie

    PTSD From 4th of July Fireworks

    Q.T. was a young Border Collie completely freaked out by the fireworks prevalent in my neighborhood around the 4th of July. He was physically and emotionally shut down. He climbed 6ft tall fully enclosed kennels and worked through the chain link roof to try and escape. I seriously feared for his life anytime I had to leave the house. I would come home to find his face cut and bleeding from his escape efforts. Even in the house he would find the smallest most inconvenient places to hide.

    I signed him up to work with Rachel once a week for 4 weeks. His reactions to her "calls" were pretty hilarious. The first time she connected with him, he came up to my face and stared deeply into my eyes as if to say "who is this chick in my head". He opened up to her work immediately. On his last session, he went into the living room away from me and the other dog to "take his call". At the end of the hour, he came into the room where I was to let me know he was done and then Rachel called to let me know about their visit.

    I can't say Q.T. is perfect but the improvement is dramatic. If anything, he is now a confident teenager.

    If you have a pet with emotional challenges, I highly recommend Rachel's work.

    Heart Failure

    Rachel saved my sweet girl's life today. She was unlikely to survive x-rays due to her heart failure, fluid on her lungs & chest infection. She was in severe distress. She was struggling for every breath & her little body was shutting down. I believed she was lost and my heart was broken. The difference in her after healing is incredible. The extra meds the vet gave worked so fast, he was amazed. She has such relief. She is calm & relaxed! I have to believe it because it has happened in front of my eyes. Awed by the result and cannot express my gratitude. To see her able to lie down in comfort. Do not hesitate to contact Rachel. If I had any doubts they are completely gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH, from my heart xx

    Rescue Dog plays with his toys for the very first time


    I had a wonderful experience with Rachel and my dog Whitey. Whitey is a rescue dog who was obviously not feeling fully at home in his new home. During his session with Rachel, an amazing thing happened: he played with his toys for the first time since moving in with us! In fact, he pulled out the toy that his foster mom had told us he was most attached to. Since then, Whitey has continued to be more at home in his surroundings. Rachel was kind, gentle, and soothing with all in the house (humans included). We learned a lot from Rachel and will gladly have her back when needed. She really has a gift for working with our fellow species.

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