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EmPAWer, the only app that will help PAWrents go from doom to bloom with free classes, meditations, and programs on shadow work and energy medicine
EmPAWer App, the place for PAWrents to go from doom to bloom

The EmPAWer App 
will take you from doom to bloom.

EmPAWer App, the place for PAWrents to go from doom to bloom

The EmPAWer app offers free classes on CBD, Separation Anxiety, Trauma, how to prepare for Natural Disasters, and everything your vet won't teach you. There are programs to learn energy medicine, Shadow and Creatrix Work and Meditations to listen to on your own or with your FURamily members that will bring peace, comfort, and immeditate healing to your home. 

It's available on all platforms! To set your furry best friends for succcess, join the EmPAWered community!

Rachel Augusta, Medical Intuitive

I'm Rachel.

I'm a Medical Intuitive who is called upon when your vet can't help you and even when they can! My services do not replace veterinary or Western Medicine but work together with them. Sometimes we can get a diagnosis from a vet, but commonly, we cannot. Like an X-ray machine, my intuitive eye allows me to see what is happening in the body that is preventing health and wellness. Once the "x-ray" is performed, I begin the energetic surgery to repair things so the brain and body work together for optimal health by detoxing old cells and creating new healthy ones. Should you currently receive veterinary care for your animals, my work will complement the treatment plan by repairing things in their body that would make it difficult for them to heal (even on medication). At the same time, I simultaneously build up their immune systems so they can recover more quickly. 

So these sessions are not "animal communication" focused but rather intuitive medical healing where your animals will communicate with me what doesn't feel good in their body or where things feel "off." I have often been able to locate cancer in exact locations before biopsies and scans could detect it. I've found glaucoma in eyes before vets noticed it. I have helped animals recover fully after being given a grim diagnosis with no treatment option from the Western Medicine realm. 

Also, this should not be mistaken as "Reiki for animals." My work is far more in-depth and precise, with years of cancer research, extensive training, and certifications allowing me to work in hospitals and famous rehab clinics alongside researchers, biologists, and veterinarians who believe in holistic pet care. 

The primary issues people call me in for are cancer, chronic disease in the kidneys, thyroid, or liver. I also help with IBD/IBS, UTIs, injuries, seizures, old age issues like arthritis, and other bodily functions that make it hard to grow old gracefully. 

Another common reason people request my help is when they have a beloved animal companion suffering from separation anxiety or trauma. 

My favorite sessions are maintenance sessions that keep everyone feeling their best and often prevent an unexpected, earth-shattering health crisis.

And while primarily focusing on our animal companions, I also work with humans. Our self-care is their health care, and our nervous system profoundly impacts their health, so when we don't feel well, they don't either. My mission is to help your whole FURamily feel their best. And this is why I created the EmPAWer app, where PAWrents can go from doom to bloom by meditating and healing WITH their animal companions. 

Other things about me: I am a vegan, I LOVE the wild and the spaces that remind us of who we are, birds and squirrels constantly entertain me, I take a firm stance that shoestring fries are the best, I'm a retired vaudeville performer, I used to perform with a circus sideshow, I can sing, tapdance, play ukulele, hula hoop around my toes and thus consider myself a shapeshifter. I love classic cars and will huff vintage vinyl. I can drive and park a truck better than any man; a lifelong dream has been to compete in a demolition derby. I lived as a full-time nomad in a van with my adventure cat traveling to the most remote and beautiful spaces. Oh, and Sunsets! They move me to tears! Every. Single. Time. Lastly, I'm a big believer in health miracles, and I am a serious animal lover. Obvy.

© 2012 Rachel Augusta LLC

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