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I'm Rachel, a Medical Intuitive, and I work with anyone (human or animal) who has cancer, kidney and thyroid disease,  seizures, new and old injuries, arthritis, IBD/IBS, anxiety, trauma and other issues that hold them back from feeling good in their body. 


Chances are you're here because

You're scared, confused, and have been through the wringer trying to get a diagnosis and real help for YOU or an animal companion, but that's not happening. And if you do have a diagnosis, you either have a grim prognosis, Western medicine has let you down, you weren't offered any real options, or your veterinarian or medical professional has disregarded you completely. 


Guess what? That's what got me here too! My soul companion, Holly, was given a few weeks to live. Because of her age and the diagnosis, the vet quickly gave up on her without offering me any options or counsel. Help WAS NOT coming. If I wanted a Hollywood ending, I would have to be the Shero in this story. And I was. Holly thrived for another three years, and I have spent over a decade working with more than 10,000(!!!) patients honing my skills and delivering answers, health, hope, happiness, and peace worldwide, including some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities and their animals with my work featured in The New York Times, CNN, BBC and the subject of a feature cover story for People Magazine. 


Why I'm really good at what I do:

  • I am fantastic at spotting patterns that, when gone undetected, can present various issues in the body and make it extremely difficult to heal.

  • I'm a superb detective and use my skills to figure out physical ailments your vet or doctor hasn't been able to see. 

  • Not only can I see and feel what's not working in the body, I can repair it! People will hire an intuitive to get the answers, but this is where I differ! I can see what's going on and work to solve the issue. 

  • I will counsel you in ways that your vets and doctors won't! Like how to build up the immune system and get the brain on board with the healing process!

  • My heart is in the right place, and I do this because I genuinely care about you and your animal companions which is why so many of my clients become close friends and a second family.

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You and your FURiends will immediately feel better with the EmPAWer app

The EmPAWer app offers Medicinal Meditations, free classes on CBD, Separation Anxiety, Trauma, how to prepare for Natural Disasters, and everything your vet won't teach you. There are programs to learn energy medicine, Shadow and Creatrix Work and Meditations to listen to on your own or with your FURamily members that will bring peace, comfort, and immeditate healing to your home. 

Regardless of age or health, everyone benifits!

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I am currently working on (and nearly finished!) with an oracle deck to assist grieving PAWrents in navigating their feelings as they experience the major loss of a best friend. 

This will be a first of its kind! And I will be using all of the love, hope and knowledge around grief to give others the space the world typically does not. 

This will make an amazing gift for the people you love. If you would like to stay informed on when it will be available, please sign the form below! 

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