• Explanation of services

    Here's a list of what keeps Rachel the most busy.

    Disease, Chronic Illness, Injury, Age

    If your furbabies can eat, move, sleep, play, and enjoy their lives, then we will have done something really grand for them.

    Do you have a furbaby who is seriously ill, has been diagnosed (or undiagnosed!) with a disease? Or has your fur baby been injured and is suffering from physical pain. Then Rachel can help set them up for success so that their body starts working with them instead of against them. Sometimes we're helping them heal completely and giving them a new lease on life and sometimes we're just making sure they're comfortable for the rest of the time they're here with us. Here's a short list of specific issues they might be having where Rachel can help.

    • Disease (Cancer, renal failure, hypothyroidism, diabetes)
    • Autoimmune (Cushing Syndrome, skin issues, etc...)
    • Aging (arthritis, weakened immune system)
    • Sports Injuries and accidents
    • Pre/post operation



    Helping someone while they're dying.

    When our furbabies are getting ready to let go, it is hard for them to eat, drink, even difficult for them to go to the bathroom or even sleep. Rachel can help offer pain relief while they're going through this transition which is very comforting for the family through this extremely painful experience. When someone has entered into hospice, it's not about 'curing', the goal is to help with:

    • Pain Relief
    • Relaxation 
    • Stimulating the appetite
    • Detoxing the body
    • Helping them sleep
    • Bringing relaxation to the whole family


    End of Life Ceremonies

    Helping someone while they're dying.

    If you live in the Twin Cities and would like Rachel to have an End of Life ceremony to say goodbye to your beloved, Rachel will come to the home about an hour before the vet arrives to help them transition. You are welcome to invite friends, family, and other loved ones. Rachel will ask the group to share wonderful memories of your furbaby while she helps their body prepare to let go. This is a time of peace, reflection and most importantly, letting your beloved know how special they are and how much you love them.


    Separation Anxiety & Stress

    You are living with a furbaby who is driving you insane - if you leave the house, they will destroy everything? They've lost someone...
    CLICK HERE to listen to the PAWDcast on this topic

    "We can't leave our house without our dog destroying our house! It's a nightmare! We can't take it anymore!"
    Is this you? Then your dog has Separation Anxiety and I can help you with that! But first, it's really important that you listen to my podcast that goes into pretty full detail on what YOU as the human need to change. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE your consultation. Most of the time, just changing YOUR LANGUAGE can solve this issue. If you've listened and you're still having problems, then book a private session and Rachel will work out the rest of the kinks.


    PTSD & Severe Trauma

    Perhaps you've rescued someone who has endured great abuse.

    Are you living with a furbaby who has experienced something extremely traumatizing and now they suffer from grief, depression, or emotional trauma? Let's help them get through that! Here are some examples of why these issues arise

    • Fireworks!!
    • Trauma from previous neglect/abuse - perhaps you rescued them and you don't know what happened, but it was bad.
    • Grief over loss and death-  Maybe their previous human died or maybe they lost their sister/brother and they're withdrawn.
    • Rescues from puppy mills
    • Rescues from dogfighting.

      For dogs with extreme aggression please see a dog behavioralist. How you walk them & hold their leash will deeply affect the way they respond to others. YOU NEED TRAINING TOO. If your dog  (or cat) has trauma, that's a different story and I can help you but aggression requires you to be trained as well.



  • How It Works

    Rachel performs in-home sessions for those who are local and remote sessions for those who are not.


      Let's talk!

      We need to see if we're a right fit to work with one another so book a consultation by clicking on the little green phone icon above. On this call We'll go over symptoms, vet diagnosis and what your goals are.


      Day of Session!

      If you are local, Rachel will drive to your residence and work with your beloved in the place they are most comfortable - on the bed, on their special blanket, etc...

      If this session is remote, Rachel will text you before she begins, will work for about an hour, and will call with the session is complete. This is when you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the work she did.



      After the session, your furamily member will begin a detox process. This process can last anywhere from 24-72 hours. Your furbaby might sleep longer than normal or have 'off' bowel movements while their body begins to heal. After the 24 hour mark most people see a new pep in their step! Their eyes will be more alert, they will show less pain in their face and their body begins to heal. You'll message Rachel with all the lovely new changes you see so she can figure out what's next.

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