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I'm Rachel

I. Love. Animals. So, when my soul companion kitty, Holly, fell ill and was given a horrible diagnosis with an even worse prognosis, I was devastated. She was my best friend who got me through so much of my life. Because of her age, she just wasn't going to get the medical attention she deserved. Without thought, I threw myself into action on a mission to save her life. She was given 2 weeks to live but she thrived for another 3 years. I now bring this knowledge from years of research and training along with lifetimes of healing to others in need. 

My Philosophy

Believe the diagnosis, don't believe the prognosis. 

What I offer you

I have spent more than 5,000 hours in private sessions helping both humans and their beloved animal companions who are sick from diseases, old age, injuries, or suffering from trauma. In addition to the private sessions I offer, I have medical meditations that have healed thousands of animals and their humans.

I created the EmPAWer App that helps PAWrents go from doom to bloom, offers free classes, meditations, and workshops.

I teach international online courses where guardians learn how to be more involved in their beloved best friend's health which can prevent disease, extend life spans, and increase the quality of life. 

I love that I have clients all over the world feeling held and supported in the way I wanted when my beloved Holly got sick. 


I’m also a hardcore science nerd who is madly in love with all things mystical. I LOVE HELPing people with their sick animals and I yearn to offer rays of hope when it seems there aren't any.

What sets me apart

I come from a line of wolves and my great grandmother, Mathilda was a witch who cured people of disease under the moon. I guess you could say that I was born this way. But I didn't fully wake up to 'it' until my beloved Holly got sick. And while I had "IT" in my DNA, I hadn't received the appropriate training. So this little mystic sent herself to school and has now received years of professional training. I have also sat side-by-side with cancer researchers and veterinarians, received a great deal of training in hospitals, have worked in famous rehab facilities, and have veterinarians and emergency room vets referring their clients to me. 

People often ask me if I'm an "animal communicator" or wonder what I'm doing when I'm in sessions with their animals. The short answer is that I am a body communicator! I ask animals to show me where it hurts in their body or brain and then I go to those places and perform energetic surgery to heal the areas in the body that need to be healed. 

I have been on the cover of People magazine, interviewed by major animal groups, and can be heard on radio shows and podcasts around the world.



“I asked Rachel to speak to my audience of 500+ women at my Women Rocking Business, event because she’s charismatic, funny, and gets people to lean in."

-Sage Lavine, #1 Best Selling Author of Hay House book

engage Rachel as a speaker


With absolute hilarity, Rachel teaches proven science in the most entertaining and empowering ways.

Her talks support animal guardians to understand that the health of their animals is deeply connected to their emotional well-being.


Rachel offers a range of speaking topics focused on animals and their physical and emotional health and well being. Her in-person or virtual talks can range from 15-60 minute keynote addresses with the option of a workshop for attendees at live events.

She is best known for "Take a chill pill: Your emotions are making your furbabies sick" in which she

explains how our pain, suffering, trauma, and unresolved issues affect not just our lives but our animals — this is no longer just about you. She then takes the audience on a journey of what is possible with our animal's health when we embrace joy.


As a sought after inspirational speaker, certified animal practitioner, animal lover, and meowmy, Rachel has taught international classes and speaks to audiences of other animal lovers all over the world, supporting them in their animal's health and wellness so that they move from reactionary health care to preventative.


KC Baker
Thought Leadership Coach, Speech Writer, and Founder of WomanSpeak

Hilarious, powerful, thought-provoking…Rachel had everyone at the WomanSpeak Festival simultaneously busting out with laughter AND feeling deeply moved. She takes the audience deeper into the world of understanding animals and our connection to them, and what they need to thrive. Extraordinary talk and speaker!

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 2.50.52 PM.png

Serena Ryder
4x platinum musician 

Hilarious, relatable, powerful and humble!

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 2.55.21 PM.png

Amber Campion
International mindfulness teacher and writer

Rachel gets on stage and people can't help but listen with their whole selves. She brings ease and humor into topics that are edgy and profoundly important. You'll laugh, you'll wonder, you'll cry. You know you're in the presence of a great speaker when they can pull out of you a full range of human emotions in just a few minutes.

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